Emily Jane

We went to visit our favourite UK girl Emily for an editorial style shoot at her new Coogee apartment. “Brix..Michael! I missed you boys!…Well this is it guys, rearrange it however you like”, Emily said while giving us a tour of her place in that English accent we love. The living room was flooding with this golden afternoon light that gave a punchy glow to the set. You could really feel the Spring heat and Emily naturally brought the editorial look we envisioned, we’re really pleased with final shots! 

We had an awesome crew to work with and our first time having Tegan onboard for hair and makeup. She easily captured the concept we were going for and was a pleasure to collaborate with. Our set assistant Audrey, also took some killer BTS shots throughout the shoot. You can check them out below. 

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Emily // @x_emilyjane
Tegan Turnbull // @tegan_turnbull // www.teganturnbullmakeup.com

XM STUDIOS launch!

We had the pleasure of working with Alex for our launch shoot as XM STUDIOS. She had such an awesome sense of humour and professional flow in the way she progressed through her poses that it was hard to believe she'd only been modelling for five months! 

It was also Alex's birthday! Thank you for choosing to spend part of your day shooting with us and being our first model to officially launch our website. We're stoked to have been part of your first year modelling and are confident that you'll make waves in the industry! 

You can check her Instagram at @alexx.burkee

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Some BTS Shots below (thanks Sayed Yammine!):